About us

Behind The Scenes

Mark Jutan is the owner of ACE Garage and has been involved in the motor industry for the past 24 years. He is especially passionate about classic cars and motorcycles. Mark has spent the last 10 years running a workshop specializing in classic British brands particularly Rolls Royce and Bentley. During this time he has gained an eye for detail and acquired the knowledge needed to restore a classic using the very best materials and service providers in South Africa. Before that he was building high performance cars and gained an array of technical knowledge.

Mark decided to start ACE Garage due to there being a huge void that needs to be filled between the classic and sports car enthusiast and the automotive industry that services this market. Unfortunately the industry has a reputation for being unreliable and delivering substandard quality so ACE Garage is here to change that!

Services we offer

Over the years of dealing with classic cars we have managed to find only the very best artisans and service providers to handle all aspects of classic and sports cars.

ACE Garage will look after your prized possession by offering one or all of the following services.


When your car needs a service or repairs we will handle the entire process from testing the car, quoting before any repairs are done, to making sure the car is repaired correctly and ready to be parked back in your garage safely.


If a car needs to be transported anywhere in South Africa we can manage the process. We have service providers with both open and closed transport vehicles.


If you are looking to sell or purchase a car, we are able to assist with finding and assessing a possible vehicle and even brokering a deal when selling. We can assist with registration, roadworthy and licensing too.


ACE Garage has the necessary permits to bring parts into South Africa from anywhere in the world. This gives us the ability to source only the best parts for your car and if you enjoy fixing your own car, we can import all the parts that you need.

Project Management

ACE Garage is geared to managing large projects such as restorations. We have the best interior trimmers, woodwork specialists, panel beaters/fabricators, spray painters, lock smiths, chromers and technicians. We have access to top quality leather, carpeting and parts.


With us managing the project, “stalling” (when the restoration comes to a stand still) is prevented. This can happen due to a number of factors such as: time management, parts availability, cash flow and most importantly priorities (of the restoration garage). We are able to spend time with the restorer where deadlines can be set for different stages of the job. If spares are an issue we can assist in sourcing them locally and abroad. Invoicing can be done at set stages of the restoration process to assist with cash flow. By doing the above we assist the workshop to prioritize your car.

Car Care

We have a team of detailing experts who can get your car looking as good as new. They are also able to apply protective coatings to paint and interiors to preserve your car for years to come.

Classic Car Air Conditioning

Ace Garage is able to fabricate and install custom made a/c systems for classic cars.


ACE Garage customizes and builds Café racers and will even restore that old bike in your garage so that you can enjoy it once again.

Scope of specialized work

  • Rolls Royce/Bentley hydraulic system fault diagnosis and repair
  • Classic car auto electrical and instrument repairs
  • SU and side draught carburetor repairs
  • Interior wood restoration
  • Classic car electronic ignition conversions and distributor repairs
  • Bentley continental GT/Flying spur service and repairs
  • Electronic diagnostics for most British exotics
  • Fault diagnosis on classic cars
  • General repairs and maintenance on: Rolls Royce, Bentley, Aston Martin, Jaguar, MG and Alfa Romeo
  • Import of parts from UK and other countries
  • Classic motorcycle restoration
  • Café racer conversions
  • Classic car hire for functions and film shoots
  • Vehicle sales
  • Project management

Investment potential

As classic and sports cars are increasing in value and becoming very real forms of investment, it becomes necessary to have people with the correct knowledge and passion for these vehicles to assist in maximizing the investment potential. Looking at, and driving a car that only a select few have done is what we strive toward for our clients. Let our experience and dedication help maintain your automotive asset.

“Money may not buy happiness, but i’d rather cry in a Jaguar than on a bus”.

– Francois Sagen


Unit D4 Sanlam industrial park. 216 Masjien st. Strijdompark Randburg